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Geardrive Logo-新版黃.png

Geardrive was founded in year 2015 from technical experts who love cycling,

offering solutions for bicycle drivetrains technology.

Based on optimization and integrated product performance, we develop various precision transmission system components and creates smooth transmission systems.


In 2019 DTS started to provide solutions for 1X systems on the Shifters/derailleurs and

cassettes for refining to meet the details for 1 by systems for 8 and 9 speeds systems

with the most valued demand from the market.


In 2020, in processing to launch Geardrive bicycle transmission system for mass-market

with update technology for the best value on 1x 8 and 1x 9 systems.

Pursuing the conquest of mountains and the speed on roads, the smoothness of riding and gears switching,and the function of stable operation even on rough and uneven roads have always been our goals.

We havealways used various levels of professional knowledge and industrial technology to stabilize the products we have developed. This is our advantage over products, and it will be the way we keep going.

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